Here are some words from those whose songs I have written for their events .

Ric and Pam Cushenan wrote a special original song for Laura and my wedding.  They made it personal to our lives together and it was perfect!

This song was one of the highlights of our wedding and reception ceremonies.  Everyone loves the song to this day.  When we play it now, it brings tears to our eyes.

I highly recommend Ric Cushenan if you are looking for something unique, original, and special for your once in a lifetime event.  You will cherish the song Ric writes for you forever.  He possesses a rare gift.


Michael and Laura Watson

We asked Ric Cushenan to write us a song for our wedding, because he had already done so for another couple that were friends of ours.  Ric, knowing a little bit about our history, how we met, how our relationship grew and how our wedding came about, was able to put all of that into a simple song.  He captured us!  We still listen to it on our anniversary, and it brings back wonderful memories of that day for both of us. 

Ric sang two songs for us – the first was “The Wedding Song” by Noel Paul Stookey.  His performance took Ginny’s breath away, brought tears to her eyes, and filled her heart. The second song, “Worth the Wait” was in honor of how long we had been together and had finally arrived at the altar. Funny, serious, and perfectly “Ginny and Dave” together.

Ric sang with his wife, Pam, and they were a definite highlight of the ceremony. We are so grateful for Ric’s contributions making our wedding day unforgettable!

Dave and Ginny Anderson
Ric Cushenan has really knocked one out of the ballpark for my family.  My daughter recently got married and I needed a special song for the Father Daughter Dance.  I wanted it to be personal; a song that would be cherished by both of us over the years.  The thought of dancing with my baby girl on that special day with a canned song just didn’t seem enough for me. 

I asked him if he could write a song about us that would be appropriate, and he said sure.  He then told me to write down some memories of my life raising my little girl.  I game him a handful and waited.  When he finished the song and sent it to me for my approval, both my wife and I were in tears.  He had captured the moment perfectly. 

The music was outstanding and the memories are now in song to be cherished.  I am proud to claim “My Little Girl” as our song and we are forever grateful.  By the way, my daughter had not heard it until we hit the dance floor.  She was extremely happy and proud.  Any man at the wedding who had a daughter had a tear as they understood completely. 

Thank you Ric for a beautiful song we will always keep dear in our hearts.  You are absolutely wonderful. 
Brian Coleman
Clearwater, Florida
November 2009
Hi Ric! I wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful song! I actually cried. Thank you so much.
Rachael Lee Coleman Thompson
We want to thank Ric, Pam and the Loose Shoes Band for an outstanding performance they gave at our son and daughter-in-law's wedding reception. Before the reception date, Ric asked for any special requests we would like to hear. We wanted a mix of oldies and current songs and they delivered each and every song like the professionals that they are. Ric and Pam had everyone (young and old) out on the dance floor for hours dancing to songs everyone knew. I can't thank The Loose Shoes Band enough for the wonderful music, the non-stop fun they gave to all of our guests, and making sure everyone had an outstanding time. Everyone was talking about the band and how well they performed. Thank you Loose Shoes for helping to make our celebration the success it was!

Wanda & Gene Ramey